Thursday, January 08, 2004

Fishing for Shoes

Have you ever wondered why do they make it such a cliche? It's like this. You go to a river, intending to go fishing. Instead of catching a big, fat, fish, you come across a shoe. You see this scene depicted on the movies, cartoons, stories, well--y'name it.

It seems that we have more marital problems than we care to admit.

There is this belief in Romany tradition that, if a married couple has a problem, one can solve it by going to a river with a shoe belonging to the missing partner. Write a wish on the shoe and then toss it downstream! The problem is said to be flown away.

Many people seem to adopt this belief. No wonder it is easier to fish for shoes than for fish.

There's this one tiny thing. I wonder why in the movies etc. they usually catch shoes worn by men? I've never seen a scene where they capture a 10-inch high-heeled shoes, for instance.

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