Monday, January 26, 2004

Update About Haj

Finally my parents didn't make it. At the last moment Depag chickened out and cancelled most of the fabricated passports. (Some say they're afraid the press would find out about this.) They offered a choice, if my parents wanted to obtain their passports, they had to pay US$ 2,600 per passport. Then somehow they lowered the price till it reached US $ 1,600. Needless to say my parents refused.

Note: If and only if they did obtain passports, the pictures on them would be theirs HOWEVER the name wouldn't.

Funny thing, there was this man complaining loudly to the travel agent because he couldn't go this year. He said, "Allah knows my intention, so that's okay. I am not ashamed. But how am I going to face my fellows in the village? I've already made a farewell party and bought souvenirs for them!" Later on my parents found out that he was so pissed because he wanted to pray in the Holy Land to have a wife. He already has three, by the way.

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