Monday, May 24, 2004

A Dying Person's Rambling

I'm pretty convinced. The symptoms are clear. I realize it with a certainty.

I'm about to die.

I seem to lose my will to live. What is the point? Dreary, weary days stretching in front of me... Hollow ones. I am devoid of anything. Something is lacking. I look at things indifferently. My joints are frozen, my limbs stiffen in desperation. I am sinking, falling from grace... heading towards malicious doom in limbo zone.

Who am I? A wife. A mother-to-be. A daughter. A friend. A confidant. A lover. An angel. A demon. A woman? Tousled hair and flushed cheeks. Eyes burning with such an intensity. A heart that is liable to shatter and then resurrect itself.

Even in this hazy fog I know one thing: I am I.

A dying creature.

Suffering from incessant cough and constant dizziness. Depressed to the very core--wishing and hoping this phase would end soon.

Influenza always manages to drag me to the bottom...

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