Wednesday, May 19, 2004


I love packing. There's a special exhilaration in it. The excitement of doing something. The anticipation of going somewhere. I have packed my own clothing since I was in... let me think, kindergarten. I remember, my parents and I were going to Singapore. That time my needs were not many. Clothes, underwears, socks, a pair or shoes or sandals. My mother had already prepared the toothbrush and the like, so I needn't bother. I couldn't sleep the night before the departure. I just wanted to go right away.

Now I have to pack again. But this time the destination is the hospital. I just can't wait to be a mother! I just hope the process won't be too painful for me.

The hospital has made a list for me to bring:
      a. 4 cloths (batik or the beach wear type)
      b. 4 shirts or house clothes, with buttons in front of them
      c. 4 mother bandages
      d. 4 small towels ("Good Morning" type)
      e. 1 big towel
      f. 2 packs of sanitary napkins (post partum)
      g. Soap
      h. Toothbrush
      i. Daily necessities

Another list for the coming baby:
      a. Baby's soap
      b. Baby's powder
      c. 1 set of clothes and blanket

I asked the lady behind the counter, what does it mean, daily necessities?

She answered, "You know, the essentials."

I still didn't get it, so I asked again.

She said again, with a smile, "The most important thing for a new mother. The make-up kit."

What's essential to one is not necessarily essential to another. That's a simple fact.

But I packed the daily necessities, anyway. Moisturizer, powder, lipstick, eyeshadow. Who knows... isman might need them.
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