Saturday, October 07, 2006

Happy Birthday, Dearest Angel, Andi Saptono. ^_^

I know, Dear, I KNOW, it's not the time yet. I'm just afraid I might not be online tonight to write this. So here it is: Happy birthday, wishing you all the finest things in life. And that includes a significant other, of course. But you know I always pray for you to have one every single day. :) (A kind-hearted, understanding, beautiful, almost perfect woman, like me, nee? Teehee! ~_^) isman also prays for you, and once Aza is big enough, I'll make him pray for you, too (if you still haven't found her!). Hehehe.

But here's something I've just realized. Around seven pm tonight, here, when I'll write an SMS conveying a birthday wish to you, Dear, in your place, it's time for my birthday! (your place--around 7 am, my place--around 7 pm) Neat! (of course it's neat, it took me years to realize it, ha!)

Love you, Twin. Hugs, hug and hugs. I'll buy a pan of pizza to remind me of the good times we had when you were still here.


rara said...

Otanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu!!!


wish u all the best in life and writing career!! (^_-)

Anonymous said...

happy belsday Donna and kebarannya donna. semoga sukses dan bahagia sealu!!!


natsu said...

Selamat ulang tahun, Bu! :D
Saya menunggu adiknya Aza, pengen liat. Heheh.

tukang nggedeblues said...

* nimpuk mpok donna pake telor, kasih tepung, terus guyur pake air *

met ultah, mpok !!! tambah sukses, and buku2nya tambah laris .... hehehehehe

ayo, makan2 !!!!! :p

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