Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What's Wrong with You, Salespeople?

I'm not saying that all salespeople are annoying. Most are (the ones that I've encountered), but who knows, maybe my luck is so rotten that I keep meeting these people.

Yesterday I felt like I was about to explode. I went to a mall and a salesperson offered something. "It's free, Ma'am," she said. I said no politely, then left. But the salesperson continued to tag along, pestering my father and mother who were clearly walking with me (they also shook their heads before).

My mom said no once, the salesperson still tried to persuade her. My mom said no for the second time, the salesperson still tagged along. For the third time, I joined in, saying, "NO, THANKS!" Still, the salesperson persuaded us to get the freebie and then sign something. I just stared at her with sharp daggers in my eyes. Finally she got my point and pestered another visitor.

Then my parents and I went to another mall. Aza was already sleepy at that time so we were in a rush to return home. A salesperson approached, saying, "Would you like to try our massaging machine, Ma'am? It's free!"

After saying no and the person still tried to persuade us, I felt like saying, "Would you like to try my fist, man? It's FREE!"

I don't get it. I mean, must I say no at least three times before the salespeople get my drift? I thought saying "no" once is more than enough to show that I'm NOT interested!

1 comment:

donnie said...

duh galak banget. Baru tiga kali..). Memang sih terkadang mereka sudah terlalu mengganggu tapi kalo ingat mereka yg sedang nyari duit yg mungkin udah seharian berdiri di situ, kasihan juga sih.
Anggap aja latihan kesabaran mbak!!:-P
Blom sampe narik2 baju kan? atau narik2 tangan?

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