Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sachika and All That

Babe, when you are sleeping
I can stare for hours if need be
Savoring your face, smiling
Oh, something I've got to see!

Chika is sleeping and like the famous poem written by Browning says, all's right with the world. Truth to tell, I guess I have many reasons to sulk. I find it difficult to rest. My body is complaining that I have to take care of it in a much better way (I hate this cough!). Deadline is lurking, ready to pounce. So many stories brutally demands my attention--they all want to be written RIGHT AWAY! (please be patient, O Mighty Thalia, my muse!) My first child, Aza, also demands my attention and love. I also have to take care of my partner and my household.

I'm not really complaining though. I know that I am indeed a lucky person. I am blessed with a lovely, happy family. I have become a published author, something I've been dreaming of for ages. So! I just choose to be happy and content. And welcome the deadline with a big smile on my face, knowing I can finish this project on time!


Ollie said...

Aduh aku telat ya Donna... selamat ya... she's so beautiful!

Jennie said...

I'm so happy for you as I can see you're a proud and loving mother.

~Jennie S. Bev

Ulan said...

Blog walking mba.. Salam kenal ya :)
Humm.. Bedanya antara 'author' n 'writer' tu gimana si mba? :D

Aku ko sok kegayaan pake istilah 'author' untuk blogku ya heheh.. *tukteruktuktuk

Mohon bimbingannya dalam menulis dong mba -_-

Owh! Salam juga buat anak mba yang luthu-luthu :)


dina said...

mbak! ditunggu ya! buku2 barunya!

clara said...

hi, Donna... udah lama nggak mampir ke blogmu. Lg di gpu nih, aku maksa hetih buka blogmu... duh, bayi tuh kalo lagi tidur damai banget jd inget beberapa bulan lalu Catrina sekecil itu sekarang udah ultah 1 th.


Primadonna Angela said...

waaaah ada mbak clara! :) ya ampuun, nggak kerasa banget catrina udah satu tahun. makin cantik mirip maminya dong. :)

mbaaak ke bandung dong, ngadain acara apa kek. aku usahain datang deh! (sekaligus mau minta tanda tangan, hehe)

Primadonna Angela said...

ollie--no probs. :)

thanks jennie & ulan.. makasi untuk semangatnya ya, dina.

bedanya author & writer? errr... udah cek ke :)

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