Saturday, March 03, 2007

Thank GOD!

Chika has returned from the hospital. Now she's sound asleep in her crib.

Now that she's home, I feel more relaxed. I'm confident to face my days! Oh true, I still have a deadline. But apart from that life can't be brighter.

In the process of writing another story, far from the end, though. Maybe I've only finished approx. 20% of it. Still, I feel thankful for being able to write, albeit slower than before.


Anonymous said...

congatz, sensei!! omedeto gozaimasu.... !!!!!!!!!!!

from shelvi

si kiky said...

congrats in your new born baby.semoga menjadi anak sholeh. amin.
btw, bukunya dah kubaca mbak, si chery kurang 'centil' . :P
tapi beneran, while reading, laper bow...

Primadonna Angela said...

thank you shelvi & kiky!

betewe, maunya cherry secentil apa? :)

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