Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Chika, This Morning

Finally I took pictures of Chika in this position! Been meaning to take a picture like this for two weeks. She seems like a big baby now. And boy, she drinks a lot. Once I was feeding her for forty minutes. Then she fell asleep. I thought she already had her fill, so I started to rest. Twenty minutes later, she woke up, demanding to be fed!

Aza is still quite jealous to her... at times. Yet now we know Aza really loves his sibling. He often kisses her, pats her fondly. If anybody shows any displeasure towards Chika, mumbling or complaining because Chika seems to be restless and whiny, he will frown and say, "Jangan ngomong gitu! Disayang aja adek Chikanya!"


-LiSiaNi- said...

huyuxxxx....she's so adorable..

Indah said...

Iya yaa.. kalo ngga diajarin dgn benar, bisa2 sang kakak bakal terus cemburu ma adiknya, hehe.. Untung akhirnya Aza udah mulai bisa nerima and sayang ma Chika yaa ;)

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