Thursday, April 19, 2007


Conversation with Aza this morning: (needless to say, it's in Indonesian, so I translate it to English.)

Aza: Mami, you're kind!
Me: Why, thank you. Why do you think I'm kind, Sweetie?
Aza: Because you bathed me and helped me to wear clothes!
My mother, who often bathes Aza and helps him to wear clothes: Am I kind too?
Aza: NO!
Me & My Mother: Why?
Aza: You're just NOT!
Me to My Mother: I guess he's still upset because you scolded him earlier when he was whiny.
Aza: *glaring at my mother who is holding Chika* NO!
My Mother to Me: Or perhaps he's just jealous because I'm holding Chika.
Me: That, too.


indahjuli said...

He...he...Aza dah bisa protes.
Apalagi kalau ngak diperhatiin yah :)

salam manis

Nadiah Alwi said... and their jealousy...


Hannie said...

ya ampun, gedean topeng spidey dari aza... :D

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