Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Aza's Wish List

A friend asked through email, what kind of present(s) that Aza would love? Yeah, yeah, his birthday is on June 28, still a long way to go. Still, she insisted in knowing the answer so that she could prepare in advance.

Ohkay... here are some of Aza's favorites in random order... (he keeps reminding me of these stuff every now and then)
1. Toy cars. (the racing type) Medium-large size, green or red-colored.
2. Toy computer. (He's been asking for one ever since he was 2, but I thought he wasn't ready for it, then.)
3. Superheroes costumes. (He already has a Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Robin, Power Ranger,... quite a lot, huh?)
4. Children books--the illustrated ones. Especially the ones about fish or cars.
5. Robot/Power Ranger toys.
6. Fishing toys. (the good quality one. My lil' boy surely has a taste!)
7. DVDs of Little Bill, Dora the Explorer, Go Diego Go, Baby Einstein.
8. Large fish or snake plush doll(s).

I can only remember those... will write more when Aza demands for more things, hehe.

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