Thursday, June 28, 2007

Happy 3rd Birthday, Dear Aza!

Riordan Azad Zen, you are three now. I can't believe how fast you've grown. I can still remember the first time I held you. I tried to breastfeed you but you were fast asleep. You must be pretty tired that time, huh? I was, too.

I can still remember the first time you could raise your head. I was so proud of you, Dear. I even took pictures and tried to show them off to my friends and relatives! (Of course they weren't impressed... well, to your credit, I have to say, they were. But not as much as I'd like them to be, hehe.) And when you could sit, and stand up! Boy, you were so happy then! Papi and I took lots of pictures that time. You still love to look at them, don't you? I had a good laugh a couple of days ago when you saw your baby pictures. You were bald then, and not exactly pretty. You probably thought the same way, too, for upon seeing those pics, you scowled and threw the album aside, saying, "Bukan aku! Bayi ini jelek!"

Then all of a sudden, you could walk. Run, even. You babbled at first, and one day, wham! You could speak well. You even understand passive sentences! Smart boy! More and more people force your Papi and I to teach you how to read and write. I know if I teach you now, you probably can do it. Yet Papi and Mami want you to have fun and play. When you start to show interest in reading, then we will guide you.

You are three years old now, Dear. You are a toddler now. A big brother. Happy birthday! Wishing you many years filled with happiness, health, love, luck, prosperity, anything that you desire!

PS: We really, really love you, Za, but would you consider wearing other clothes save from this battered, stained Power Ranger shirt? Papi and Mami are kind of bored seeing you wear the same thing (almost) everyday...


nengti said...

wah udah tiga tahun. cepet amat. kado nya menyusul ya!


Happy 3rd Birthday AZA!

Semoga dapet kado kostunm spiderman yang banyak dan boneka ular & ikan.

Sekarang lagi demen sama power ranger, Aza? ^^

Martha said...

Aaawww... Happy Belated Birthday Aza!! Adriel is just like you, except with him it's Thomas. Now, what would happen if I hid that ugly shirt somewhere??? What do you think? ;-)

Nahria Medina Marzuki said...

happy birthday handsome :)

Aza, tambah ganteng aja deh..

yanti said...

happy belated b'day Aza.. soal pake baju yang sama terus.. Naila juga kok. ituh, baju biru muda mencrang yang ada gambar gajahnya. I see her wearing it every other day :D

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