Thursday, June 21, 2007

Writing... Just a Hobby? How About Beading?

Many, many years ago I considered writing as my hobby. Now it's practically my profession. I thought, long ago, I'd have a solid career like being a psychologist or working in a posh office (I was so naive!), and dabble in writing. Maybe I'd publish it if it was good enough. It'd be cool, but that was that.

I have tried working in the office. Didn't work out for me. I hate routine stuff. I dislike socializing with fellow-workers on a regular basis. I loathe having to wear working attire, waiting till it was time to go home. I detest office drama and polictis. That's one of the reasons I decided to work at home. Thankfully, I could do that. I not only write, but I also translate, edit and copywrite from home.

When I first started beading and opened Rumah Pernik, I consider beading as a hobby. Not yet a profession. In the future, who can tell? Maybe it all starts from a hobby. Doing something that you love. When people start to appreciate your works, you begin to gain confidence. Hey, this could work after all. Maybe I should turn it into a business or something!

I'm delighted to know that some valuable customers of Rumah Pernik seem to love the accessories. Aside from Martha and Sandy, my dear friend, M, and best friend, Kori, wrote about Rumah Pernik in their blogs. Thank YOU!



yah dijalani aja dua2nya kak donna.

kok sama sih, waktu aku kerja kantoran yang aku pikirin jem 5 aja, takut udah keburu macet dan sebagainya ;p

Candy said...

agree ! Makasiiihhh yaaaa ... tadi barang2nya udah dateng !! ^^ banyak bonusnya and I love them all !!! ^^ Thank youuuuuuu !!


Nahria Medina Marzuki said...

Talking about wasn't really productive..the same goes for me, mbak. These past few months I really haven't had times to write any writings at all :(

Sandy Eggi said...

wah kok sama banget. pengen deh usaha di rumah. cukup dengan internet dan tidur-tiduran di rumah.

males juga kerja di kantor....bawaannya ngantuk terus ..

apalagi di rumah ya... hehe

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