Thursday, July 05, 2007

Me... in the Past: Part One

I forgot when this picture was taken. In 1996, probably. There was this event for junior high school students, for a couple of days. My parents were asked to entertain the audience (my dad plays violin and my mom keyboard/piano/organ), so I got a chance to sing! It was the last time I performed (as a singer) in front of a large audience. I sang a couple of songs. Kangen was one of them. The crowd went wild, but that was probably because my youngest bro played the electric guitar while I sang. He's a good guitarist, and some say, he's quite handsome, too...

Well, enough rambling! After the event, I asked my bro to take a picture of my best friend in high school, Nengti, and yours truly. The shirt I wore, originally belonged to my mom. It's a cool shirt. I still wear it from time to time.

It's the oldest pic that I could find on this PC. I'm pretty sure I still have several scanned pics somewhere. When I find them, I'll put several of them on this blog.

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