Tuesday, August 21, 2007

School Rumble Mania

I love reading School Rumble. It's a manga filled with love stories, wacky scenes and unexpected plots. You can read any part of it, without really following the story, and still laugh seeing the weird situations and characterizations.

My angelic twin bro and yours truly chatted a few hours ago, concerning the characters.

I told him that I hate Tenma, one of the main characters. The main protagonist (or so I believe), Harima Kenji, deeply falls for this girl.

Andi asked me why I hate Tenma. I began to write a list about what I dislike about her.

Tenma is careless. Graceful is not one of the words that somebody might use to describe her.

She can be an airhead sometimes.

Tenma is so clueless and naive. Even if a guy tells her directly that he likes her, she won't get it.

She is childish. She can be selfish, too.

Then Andi argued, "But Tenma is also a caring person." Then he added, "Like you."

Uh-oh. Then I realized that Tenma's characters are similar to mine! Is that why I despise her?

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