Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Inside My Cosmetic Pouch

(Except that I don't have a specific pouch for that, maybe I should. Can anybody recommend a cute and affordable brand?)

Reading Ayu's blog, I was inspired to write about it.

These are the things (that I consider cosmetic) that I usually bring in my bag, whenever I go outside.

First would be Shinzu'i compact powder. It has a mirror inside (not that I use it often), but call me silly or wishful, I carry an extra mirror. Maybe it has something to do with me reading Enid Blyton adventures when I was a kid. Maybe the time will come--when I'm in distress and I can signal to others for help, morse style! Problem is, I'm not adept in memorizing morse codes. Only SOS. (Should be enough, I hope!)

And then the hand-sanitizer. I'm not a clean-freak, but I always find myself reaching for my hand-sanitizer everytime I feel my hands are coated with dust. (Often enough...)

My mango lip butter is surely a source of comfort. I use it in-between meals or anytime I feel like it.

And then, Kose lotion--Sekkisei. Atashi no shin yu, Nyachan, introduced this product to me years ago. Wickedly expensive, so I use it sparingly. It's suitable for my skin, so I don't mind buying it once a year. I carry the sample version to revitalize my skin.

Issey Miyake sample perfume. Just in case.

Oriflame Tender Care--to moisten dry skin.

Not many, huh? My bag is full with too many items, I feel I shouldn't carry plenty of cosmetics to burden it.

So what do you usually put in your cosmetic pouch?

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