Monday, November 05, 2007

Introducing: Headpiece!

Recently I'm in the mood for the ethnic, unique look. Then I found a jewelry store selling Indian accessories--nose rings (you don't have to pierce your nose!), anklets (unfortunately too large for me), bracelets (too large! UGH!), necklaces (too eye-catching and garish)... and headpieces! Unfortunately the headpiece's too pricey and too loose. Meaning, if you wear one, you might be worried that it'd fall off!

So I thought, why not create one of my own? And I made several. You can see them here. When I wore one, Aza commented, "Why did you wear that, Mami?" and I replied, jokingly, "It makes me feel stylish." He then demanded me to fasten it to his head. "Aku kan pengin gaya juga..." he said, wearing the headpiece, dragging along his triceratops rubber doll and Power Ranger figurine.

Hm, maybe I should get a sari... anybody knows where I can get one with a reasonable price?

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