Sunday, December 09, 2007

Thank You...

...Auntie Nats! For the lovely clothes for Chika. She's wearing one of them right now and she looks cute! (I'll post another picture later on) Moreover, she seems to love new clothes. (Ack! In ten... maybe less than that, we've to restrain ourselves from buying clothes for her! I'm pretty sure she's going to demand beautiful, ornate things. The horror of having a daughter!)

It seems that Chika looks prettier wearing red and other bright colors. It's the fair skin, I guess.

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jes said...

HI! i've just read your book, Belanglicious. i know it's a littlte late now that i see another book Kintaholic!! hehe... well... just wanna tell you that your Belanglicious is the first novel which made me really laugh outloud!! GREAT JOB WELL DONE! i'm looking forward to buy Kintaholic and read it! the synopsis you gave made me really interested!!
Jes~ =)

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