Thursday, January 31, 2008

Concerning Chika

Yesterday, an hour or so past midnight, Chika threw up after I breastfed her. I was mildly concerned. I deduced she wasn't feeling well (she was feverish), because the day before she threw up after eating solid food. But when she also threw up after drinking plain water, my partner and I were really worried. We decided to take her to ER.

When the doctor told us Chika had to hospitalized, my first reaction was, no, not again!!! Chika was first hospitalized when she was four days' old, and it really broke my heart. I sobbed uncontrollably in the hospital, knowing she had to spend several days there. Alone.

The hospital was full, we got the room for six children. (There were already four inside.) I sobbed again when they put I.V. on her. She seemed to be fine. She didn't throw up, have a fever, or experience diarrhoea. The doctor told me not to give her anything till 11. She wanted me to breastfeed her, and it tore me to pieces. Fortunately, she didn't throw up after the nurse gave her tea with sugar at 11. So at noon, I could breastfeed her and she was fine. She was discharged this morning, but when I got home, I became worried again because it was Aza's turn to feel dizzy. Aza threw up a couple of times yesterday, and even as I'm typing this, he's complaining of nausea. I sure hope he'll be better soon, for my partner is away at this moment... and I'm afraid of... no. I won't mention it. I just pray to be strong. I am strong. One day I'll read this entry and smile. Yes, dear Lord, grant me strength and fortitude. So mote it be!

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