Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I know, I know, it's not Valentine yet. But still, everyday can be Valentine's day, right? I hope our days will be filled with sunshine and rainbow, laughter and smiles, fantastic endeavours and lovely moments. May love and strength always warm our days, may you continue to make bright, golden memories.

May we all appreciate the simple, little things in life and be content with what we have.

May Lady Luck continue to bestow her favors to us all. May the past cease to trouble us. Move forward with love and hope!

May God bless us in everything we decide to undertake. I pray that we'll always remember, there is no night so dark that the morning will not come.

We are the creature of the present. The past shaped us to what we are now, but it has no power upon us unless we allow it. Tomorrow will happen in due course. Enjoy the moment. Savor life. You have the gift to choose--be happy or miserable, it's your call.

I choose to be content and sunny, and I hope by reading this, you'll remember that there's always a choice!

1 comment:

Pandababy said...

Such beautiful and good thoughts - a wonderful to read them this evening. Thank you!

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