Thursday, March 27, 2008

Me, a Cat Lover

Several days ago I spotted "Michael" (he's a wild cat actually, but I call him Michael sometimes, honoring the character in Kobayashi Makoto's manga) near my neighbor's fence. Looking at him, I just realized that I've missed having a cat as a pet. After getting married, I soon got pregnant, and I've been too caught up and busy to even consider having a cat.

It's not a really good idea. Not where I live. There are too many wild cats around, and they often harass domesticated cats. Oh, I can come up with dozens of reasons. Bottom line is, my partner and I have decided not to have cats as pets. But of course, from time to time we leave leftovers (like chicken bone and all) outside. And I still greet a cat whenever I see one. (I seldom do this to humans, haha.)

I miss rubbing a cat's belly. (Only a few cats allow humans to do this... the trusting and lazy ones.) I miss having a cat sleep in my lap. And most of all, I miss listening to a cat's purr.

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