Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Got an email from my editor extraordinaire, and she told me that GPU's going to publish my short stories collection. So it'll be my twelfth book! Well, actually this collection consists of my old short stories. Since I've written books, I rarely finish writing short stories. But still, it gives me tremendous excitement, and I'm happy, happy, oh so happy. Yes, I feel weary, and my body desperately needs rest. There'll be time for that later in the evening.

Thank Thee, Lord, for Thy Blessings!


rina said...

Mbak Donna, salam kenal ya. Udah lama juga jadi pembaca pasif blog Mbak. congratz ya Mbak untuk buku-bukunya. Semoga tambah sukses ya. Mbak, aku link blog Mbak Donna ke blog-ku ya. Kalau sempat, mampir ya Mbak :-)

sToP gLoBaL WaRmiNg!! said...

Mbak Donna, salam kenal! Saya adalah salah satu fans berat buku-buku Mbak Donna. Oh ya, sequelnya Resep Cinta judulnya apa, ya? Saya mau cari. Kalau sempat mampir ke blog saya ya, mbak.

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