Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Chika, 15 Months

She likes to run around, look at the mirrors, and grin. She can understand basic instructions. Her favorite words are still "mamam" (no wonder here), "nih" (or here it is), or "ini apah" (what is this), "mau" (i want this) and "gamauuu" (don't want this).

She is still petite. Her teeth are still four. And she has this new hobby of opening closets and drawers. She also loves to hold pens and pencils, and when we're not looking, eat them. Yuck.

When she's smiling, her eyes still sparkle.

Aza seems to relish in being a big brother, because he gets to be bossy and say things like, "Adek Chika nggak boleh pegang pensil, karena ujungnya tajam. Kalau kena Chika, nanti bisa berdarah!" (Chika, you are not allowed to hold a pencil, because it has a sharp point. If it grazes you, you will bleed!)

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