Friday, June 06, 2008

Be Really Careful!

Today I remembered an incident in the past. Years ago, before I got married. I decided to share so you, the readers, will be more careful.

That day, I was in IP, one of the malls in Bandung. It's a middle-to-up-class mall, meaning, normally one would feel quite safe strolling around. I was browsing the collection of Perlini's Silver, oblivious to all, when my dad called out then took me away.

"What's up?" I said, obviously irritated because I was in the middle of deciding to buy a cute pair or earrings or not.

Then my dad pointed to a person. A female, about my age, early twenties, I'd say. Then a guy, apparently also in his twenties. They looked ordinary and normal enough, meaning, dressed in appropriate clothes (trendy outfits) and all.

"They were trying to slice your bag and steal whatever's inside."

I narrowed my eyes, still eyeing those couple who hurried away, knowing that we were talking about them.

"How can you tell, Dad?" I asked.

"See the girl? She's behaving suspiciously. She tried to get near you while bringing a stack or newspaper."

Now that he mentioned it, yes, it was very strange indeed. Why would a girl my age walk to a jewelry counter, bringing newspaper?

"And I saw that she was trying to block other people's view, while taking out a knife," my dad added. "So I deduced you were her target. That's why I took you away."

I got mad, and decided to take a few steps towards the couple. To my surprise and annoyance, they were walking rapidly towards more people! My goodness. Apparently they belonged to a gang or something! They seemed to know what was going on, and ran away. They were too far anyway, so I decided to let the matters drop. Besides, I have no tangible proof.

They were young. They were good-looking enough. If you see them, you'd think they're just a bunch of teenagers or college students hanging out.

So readers, wherever you are, even in an upscale cafes or malls, be really careful. Don't be deceived by appearances. Pay attention to the ones around you. And better yet, if you want to look around, have somebody else you trust to watch over you.

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therry said...

The things people do for money ... Good thing your dad noticed!

My grandma's bag almost got stolen once when we were at PRJ. The funny thing was that she noticed it and she smacked the living bejayzuz out of the poor idiot and he lost his nerve then. LOL

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