Friday, June 27, 2008

Chika, 16 Months

Her babyspeak is improving. Her current favorite words are mamam, mamah or mamih, babah (dad, haha), "aa" (older brother), "aaak" (please feed me) "mana?" (where?), "nggak pa-pa" ('tis ok), "mainan" (toy). No surprise there.

She loves to dance and sing.

She is crazy about accessories. Her ears need to be re-pierced though. She makes do with wearing a ring, bangle, and sometimes necklace.

She is still mad about shoes. And socks. And oh, she seems to love red as well.


Pandababy said...

She has good taste to like red - she looks so pretty in that color... she's going to grow up to be very pretty like her mama.

And Aza - with his curly hair and smile - oh he will break some feminine hearts!

Fun said...

wuaaaah feminim-nya dah keliatan yak... :) lucu sekali si chika

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