Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fried Onigiri ala Tenshichan

This morning I felt compelled to create, a sentence which means something like "desirous to create something elaborate yet simple and not that time-consuming". (Aye, I've been stuck with Lemony Snicket's works for months and his style is getting into me.) And a rumble in my stomach reminded me that I needed sustenance right away. Hence, cooking a meal seemed like an ideal solution.

Somehow the idea of making onigiri appealed to me. Feeling creative, I sauteed chopped garlic and onion, added chicken breast and frozen vegetables, then mushroom. I added a dash of salt, pepper, sugar, mirin and soy sauce. (As a cook, I gamble a lot. I often trust my instinct to put other ingredients and serve the meal without tasting it first. Haha.) Then I took some steamed rice, mixed it with the sauteed vegetables, and began to form some odd shapes. I fried them afterwards, and voila, they were ready to eat!

1 comment:

Pritha Khalida said...

Nyammmmh... Ngiler deh liat masakan Mbak Donna :)

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