Sunday, August 24, 2008

Chika--18 Months

Our little princess is now 18 months old. She loves carrying plush dolls around. Her favorites so far include bunny ("kici", she says, for "kelinci"), dog ("jing" for "anjing"), bear ("wang" for "beruang"), lamb. She loves chocolate and strawberry. She is very talkative. She often mutters things I do not comprehend, mostly in babytalk. She often pouts and when happy, her squeals and laughter are pure delight.

Whenever Aza is not around, she is bound to ask, "Aa mana?" (where's big brother?) She is usually fussy whenever Aza stays at grandparents'.


Q said...

a kida pretty smart sista :)regards, Q :)

Lili said...

happy bday chika, di foto kelihatannya dah lebih dari 2 tahun deh, kayak dah 3 tahun....memang anak sekarang cepat besar yaa

Juli said...

wah... sama tuh ma justin dulu bilang kelinci as "kici" hihihi

Primadonna Angela said...

anak2 ternyata mirip2 ya jul, hehe.

thanks lili. :) kalo liat aslinya dia mungil banget kok.

thanks q. :)

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