Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Evil Gecko!

Nah, I'm not sure whether this one is evil or not (ha ha). Yet the red eye effect seems to be troubling my kids (esp. Chika) when seeing this picture. She grimaced and then said, "Hiiyyyy... hiyyyy..." Aza followed suit.

I've seen this gecko twice. And no, he was not the same gecko (isman and I are still unsure about that one) that we saw. The one that we saw ages ago was huge. No spots. He (we like to think that it's a he) looks very much like a cicak, but much, much bigger than one. Curious, I began to search pictures of geckos in the net. Yet I couldn't find a similar picture. Maybe he is the embodiment of the house?

It looks like the gecko in the picture has come to stay. Ugh. I hope it won't disturb us so we'll have no reason to disturb it in return.

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