Monday, February 16, 2009

Indonesian Delicacies Part Three--Sate

Indonesian sate (or satay, as some prefer to call it) is actually skewered meat, usually made of chicken, beef, mutton, duck, fish and on rare occasions, eggs, fish or vegetable. You can easily buy sate ayam, sapi, kambing (chicken, beef, mutton) in classy restaurants or even street hawkers. In some areas, sate peddlers sell their wares at night, some even venture to walk around near midnight. Their famous shout, "te, sate!" can sometimes be an answer to a hungry person's prayer.

Making sate takes quite a long time. First, you have to cut the meat to appropriate pieces. Then you marinate it in special sauce (mainly consists of soy sauce). After some time, you roast it, traditionally in a grill using coals. Peanut sauce is poured into the sate. (Bear in mind that Sate Padang--sate from West Sumatra, made of beef--uses a different kind of sauce, it has turmeric in it and the taste is quite spicy. Generally, Indonesian sate is rather sweet, even though the peanut sauce can be a bit spicy.)

Some people prefer to eat sate with steamed rice, some prefer lontong. Lontong is made of rice and water. In order to make lontong, you will add certain amount of rice and plain water inside a piece of banana leaf. Then you'll roll the leaf into some sort of tube, fasten the edges, afterwards boil it in plain water. After some time, the lontong will be ready to eat. Unwrap the banana leaf, chop the lontong tubes into some pieces, ready to be served! (I'll post the picture of lontong some other time.) Some also serve sate with pickled cucumber and chili.

This picture shows sate bebek (duck sate), with slices of tomato and cucumber as garnish.

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