Sunday, February 15, 2009

Indonesian Delicacies Part Two--Nasi Goreng

This dish is fairly easy to make, and it's quite tasty as well. Indonesians usually eat nasi goreng (or fried rice) for breakfast, or even late at night (some peddlers sell nasi goreng at this time). But in my house, we eat nasi goreng whenever we want, be it for breaktfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, or in-between meals.

To make nasi goreng, you're going to need steamed rice. Then you're going to need soy sauce (some prefer not to use it, it's your call), your favorite ingredients (meaning, diced chicken, beef, corned beef, mutton, chili, prawns, etc.) and eggs (optional). Do you prefer spicy nasi goreng? Add chili and lots of pepper. Would you prefer a vegetarian nasi goreng? Sure, just toss in the vegetables of your choice.

You can garnish nasi goreng with telur ceplok (egg, sunny side up) and/or slices of tomatoes and cucumbers. Some prefer to add chili or tomato sauce to nasi goreng. Some people, like my partner, love to add more soy sauce to it. And some, like yours truly, consider it a SACRILEGE!

Where can you get nasi goreng? Almost everywhere. From peddlers who walk round housing complex to five-starred restaurants. There are many varieties of nasi goreng, so I'm sure you can find at least one to your liking.


hes said...

easy to make, easy to eat :p
have you tried nasi goreng kunyit?

Primadonna Angela said...

no, haven't tried that one. thanks for the info. :)

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