Monday, February 23, 2009

Recovery Blues

1. I am stilll in a lot of pain. Mostly I can ignore it but sometimes I can't stop myself from crying. Chika usually cries as well when she sees me in this state.

2. Chika sometimes can't accept the fact that I cannot breastfeed her anymore. Heck, even I find it hard.

3. Aza sometimes likes to caress my broken arm and it touches me.

4. I manage to write albeit slowly. At least I feel useful.

5. I'm due for the doctor this Wed.

6. Tomorrow's Chika's 2nd birthday. Hopefully the pain will lessen them.

7. Tried to work with a voice recorder and got an idea to work on a new story. It has to wait.


Pandababy said...

I'm holding in my mind a picture of your arm, all knitted back together and perfectly whole, and of you, smiling again.

Blessings on you, Angela!

Primadonna Angela said...

thanks a looot! hugsss

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