Friday, October 23, 2009

Whoa It's Been Months...

...since I last blogged. I'm more active in Facebook and Plurk these days, and I'm trying my hands on Twitter as well. Plus I've been spending more time on my family and also work.

Quick update, before I blog again!
- My right arm hasn't healed completely, will visit the doc soon to confirm whether I need to undergo another surgery or not.
- I'm currently writing at least 3 stories, juggling on them. Still busy with editing and copywriting job as well. No, as usual I won't really tell what they are about. But suffice to say I'm writing 2 manuscripts for MetroPop, 2 TeenLit and one nonfiction.
- I am still on a phase so bear with me, I might not be in the mood to respond or chatter incessantly.
- I am now 33! Great age, huh!

I promise to blog again soon, that was the longest hiatus ever, I think!

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