Wednesday, October 06, 2010

My 18th Book, Kotak Mimpi (Dream Box)

"But what is love, and what is life, if you do not let yourself live?"

Meet Isabella Larissa, a young lady who has accumulated tons of dreams. Unloved by her family, dumped by her lover on her engagement day, she still strives to make her dreams come true. As a songwriter, she once confided to her producer/manager that she wanted to host a songwriting talent show in television, it's her biggest dream, ever.

Then opportunity knocks when she least expects it. Her ex and his current girlfriend ask her to compose some songs for them, in exchange of the show that she's wanted for ages. Isabel is reluctant to do so, seeing that Noreen, Patrick's lover, seems to have this huge crush on Arya, her manager. Perhaps too late, Isabel realizes that she has deep feelings for Arya.

Things turn from bad to worse when pictures of Isabel in uncompromising situation are posted on the net. Isabel has to review her own dreams--what does she really want? If the answer is Arya, is she willing to tarnish his reputation by dragging him into this scandalous mess?


1 comment:

Rina Suryakusuma said...

Donnnn, congrats :)
falling in love with the character just when i read the synopsis written. Great job
cant hardly wait till it hit the bookstore, donna :)

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