Monday, January 03, 2011

One of My Favorite Memories

When the kids were way smaller. I used to worry a lot, thinking that they needed lots of my time. True. But as they grew bigger, they needed more and more time. And care. Now I realize that you can't stop being a parent, even when they are grown up and have kids on their own.

I will always remember the way they laughed or tried to communicate when they were babies. The way they looked at me, full of trust and love.

I love the way they sighed in their sleep, automatically reached for me when they needed comfort. I love it when they played together in harmony. (These days they often yell and stuff!) But I'm sure, one day, I'll miss the time when they were kids! (They are now 6 and 3... Chika is almost 4.)

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Rina Suryakusuma said...

Hiks Donn, they grow bigger, and we grow older :(
thats just the way it is
Bener ya, dinikmati selama masih memungkinkan.
Ketika saat mereka memiliki keluarga sendiri, kita pasti akan merindukan masa kebersamaan saat mereka kecil

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