Thursday, June 09, 2011

First Round, Chinese Restaurant

I think it was in Ginza, but I am not so sure. Ibu Yumiko is an Indonesian translator (she is Japanese) and she is a friend of Nyachan. We exchanged some emails and I found her very polite, charming and nice. In a way I think Ibu Yumiko looks like an Indonesian (she's wearing green, by the way).

It was a nice dinner, and Ibu Yumiko brought along a friend. She doesn't really speak English or Indonesian and I can't speak Japanese, yet somehow we got along fine.

The food was tasty even though I was quite sad because I couldn't taste the huge gyoza (they contained traces of pork). I love the drink. Orange juice in a bottle, yeaah! I love it so much, I had two bottles. I wanted three actually but it was my brain thinking, my stomach couldn't hold some more. :D

When my partner and I said that we were so full, Ibu Yumiko said, "Oh, this is just first round." We thought she was kidding. But actually there was a round two! *gasp*


Nyachan said...

It's in the Ginza.The widly known restaurant is 天龍Tenryu.天 means sky or heaven then 龍 means dragon.I don't know what exact means in Chinese.I'm so grateful to Ibu Yumiko for accompany with us to there.Never-to-be-forgotton night in Ginza.

Angelachan said...

Dragon in Heaven? Seems like a nice name. Thank you Nyachan!

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