Saturday, July 09, 2011

My Best Friend and Yours Truly

My best friend and I met in 2000. The first time we met, we already clicked and decided that we were best buds. We emailed to each other first, then began using the phone.

Nyachan or Nina was already married when we first exchanged emails (circa 1999 methink). I was still a university student. And look at us now. We both are mums of two children. Nyachan are blessed with Shochan and Kochan, while I have Aza and Chika.

Nina and her family graced us with a visit this July. One of the most unforgettable experiences for both of us: seeing our kids playing together. My kids can't speak Japanese and Sho & Ko certainly can't speak Indonesian. Yet they got along just fine. And I believe Chika had her first crush with one of Nyachan's sons. Awwww, it's so sweet.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank you Angelachan..I can't help thinking for our treasurelike friendship.It has alots meaning in our life.You will be my best friend untill rest of my life .

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