Saturday, November 02, 2013

Enjoying Sakura Tea (桜茶 / 桜湯)

 My fascination concerning sakura tea stems from... reading a manga. I cannot even recall the title. My thought back then, hmm, interesting, I never knew that you could use sakura as tisane! And then I found out that you can make sweets and flavor rice with sakura, as well. How resourceful! They also have sakura an (paste), and one day I hope to be able to try it. Also sakura essence. Sakura syrup! Oh, one day I hope to visit Japan again and buy the essence and syrup! 

For my birthday this year, my dear friend Non-kun sent me some sakuracha. I am planning to experiment a lot. Maybe make onigiri with sakuracha? Or pudding. Maybe cookies or cakes. We shall see.

To me, sakuracha symbolizes friendship. As time goes by, the bond grows bigger. It blooms, becoming more and more beautiful. Sakuracha is slightly salty, reminding us that friendship is not all about lovely stuff. Sometimes we shed some tears, too. Sakuracha is fragrant, and pleasing to the eye. Like memories that we've shared with our friends. They all make us sigh and smile.

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