Thursday, July 24, 2014

Day 8: My Favorite Internet Friends

Several of my internet friends are my "friends", if you know what I mean.

Some have them have become true friends, they have stood by me through thick or thin. 

My best friend, for instance, was once an internet friend, but our friendship blossomed and we've become great buds. 

Most of my internet friends and I have several things in common: we love books and pets (mostly cats and dogs, though several prefer birds); we enjoy a variety of things, and we are open to new things.

So who are my favorites? All of them are. Because they give different insights, different ideas. I once conversed with a person from Israel, and she showed me how it feels to be an Israeli. My internet friend from Azerbaijan shared how rich and diverse their culture is. (I am ashamed to say that before that, I knew next to nothing about this country!) My internet friends from UK and the States taught me the joy of the changing of season, and how beautiful their spring and summer flowers are. My internet friends in Singapore and Malaysia and Philippines showed me that our cultures are similar but not that similar. My internet friend from Vietnam gave me a new perspective on how it feels to be a Vietnamese, during modern times. My internet friend from The Netherlands always manages to bring a smile, thanks to her sunny nature and lovely rendition of her country.

The list might go on and on.

Through their eyes, I have traveled a lot. Through their experiences and perspective, I have gained more understanding about human nature.

I believe the more we travel or converse with others, the more we realize that basically we are all the same.

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