Friday, January 30, 2004

It Happened Again!

When I was waiting for my turn to see the doctor, I saw a young boy with his mother. Ohkay, so what's the big deal? I just stared mutely at the TV. Lousy telenovela was on.

The boy started to talk loudly. His mother hushed him. I didn't flinch.

Then the boy walked to my direction. Looking at me, smiling boldly, saying, "Pip... pip... pip."

I had no idea what he meant, so I just sat there, eyes still on the screen.

He approached me, still smiling, pointing to his shoes. "Pip-pip-pip-pip," he exclaimed in a loud voice. I glanced at him, I raising my eyebrows. What? Some kind of secret code? I frowned. He got nearer and nearer, inch by inch... his right hand aimed at me.

"Dear, it's our turn to see the doctor," his mother called him. He looked so disappointed. Yet he still managed to wave and flash me a radiant smile.

So I'm still a child magnet after all. Oh well.

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