Friday, January 30, 2004

Questions and Answers

I love questions. Especially about yours truly. I am the type who likes to write a response to mails with many questions. (What's your name? Have you ever missed school because of rain? Stuff like that!) I haven't got that kind of mail for a while, so I chose emode. I have taken plenty of tests in this site. There are always new ones. Sometimes I like to take the tests again.

I took a couple of tests this morning. One is, the wedding date predictor. According to emode
YOU WILL BE MARRIED BY: Saturday, September 9, 2006


I also took a test titled What's Your Cat's Type? in this site. The result is...

Primadonna Angela, your cat's a Mugger
Talk about mugging for the camera! That's right, your cat's a natural-born showoff with a wild independent streak. How else would they end up being the center of attention so often? And really, what could be more endearing than a furry little friend who steals the show — whether you're home alone, or hosting a dinner party?

Now, why doesn't that surprise me?

Took another test at this site. Have already taken it some time ago, but who knows? Maybe I've changed. Turned out I haven't. I'm still a healer.

The Healer
You are a rare individual. Idealistic almost to a fault, the Healer is known for his or her selfless and caring nature. Oftentimes a quiet sort, you have a hidden passion for life that no one else can understand. You want to -- and you can -- make such a difference in this world. The question you often find yourself asking is, "Why can't other people see this side of me?" Unfortunately, that's just your nature. Lots of people (who you may resent) go out seeking attention, but you'd rather have it come to you. That doesn't always happen because its just not a perfect world.

People who don't know you might first think "boring" when speaking with you. You know better, though -- even if you are tempted to believe them at times. To those that know better, you can be an incredibly special friend. Seek out these kinds of people and you'll find life to be much richer -- let the others miss out on the hidden treasure that is you.

Throughout your life, you may face an awkward internal fight between good and bad. Your desire to do right is balanced by an equally-powerful need to avoid wrong. Everyone makes bad decisions -- that's just a part of life. But when you do something you know is wrong, that stupid conscience of yours makes you feel terrible. Oh, the horrors of being a Healer.

By the way, if you're interested in taking the test, you can add me in your friends list ( Then we can compare the results!

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