Thursday, January 15, 2004

Update (January 16th, 2003)

Forgot one thing. Got several roses from my parents on my graduation day. Funny, it slipped my mind before. I guess graduating was not such a big issue in my life.

Oh, Flowers...

How many flowers have you got so far? Never being praised for my good memory, I couldn't answer the question for sure. So far, I can only remember five incidents when people gave me flowers. Hmmm. Makes it nine, then.

1st Incident
I was still in junior high. A boy from elementary school (my friend's brother) shyly gave me a red hibiscus. Then he ran away. I thought it was so sweet. That is one of the reasons why, even till now, I name hibiscus as one of my favorite flowers.

2nd Incident
When my ex asked me to be his girlfriend. He picked a deep pink rose, hid it in the garden. He told me, if I said yes, I should take the rose from his hands. If no, then, don't bother. I threw the rose away, saying, "Hey, I have my own mouth to give you the answer. And the answer is yes."

3rd Incident
After a fight, my ex gave me a red rose, asking for my forgiveness.

4th Incident
A friend bought a red rose. Not knowing what to do with it, he gave it to me. I then gave the rose to another friend.

On my 23rd birthday, a good friend of mine, Syarif Lubis gave me a long-stemmed white rose. I wonder where you are right now, Syarif dear? Last time I heard he was in Malaysia...

6th Incident
My partner gave me a roseplant for Valentine. I especially love the flowers. The color is broken white with deep pink coloring on the edges.

When I sang commemorating the event Independence Day, someone went to the stage and gave me a flower. I couldn't really remember what it was... or even, who.

8th Incident
My parents' good friend, Tante Ida, brought many flowers for my engagement party. Among them were colorful roses.

9th Incident
When isman and I got married, we got more flowers than we could handle. So we gave most of them away.

In my case, I give flowers more than receive them. When I was still in university, I sometimes brought flowers (roses or chrysanthemums) for my friends. I also sent roses to people without telling them about it. I usually asked somebody else to write "Your Secret Admirer" in the card. (inspired by a story from A Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul) I think this is a sweet and romantic thing to do...

thanks to roi

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