Friday, January 23, 2004

Ways to Combat Stress

Stress is a part of my life. Many times I wish I could eliminate, or at least, minimize it. Sometimes I just want to curl up in bed, blanket all around me, wishing the world would leave me alone. Yet I know, sooner or later I have to face it. Ignorance will lead you nowhere.

So, after all these years, I have found terrific ways to combat stress.

Make a cup of tea, preferably Earl Grey or mint. Add some brown sugar, or at least, rock sugar. Inhale the fragrance before sipping it delicately. If I'm that stressed, I'll try lavender tea with a bit of honey. Or vervain, but I won't add anything.

Meditate. Find a favorable position. I close my eyes and imagine my favorite sceneries... Sunset or sunrise on the beach, perhaps? A garden full of flowers? A verdant hill? Relax and breathe slowly. I picture rays of white surrounding me. Then blue. Then golden. Feel the colors. Let the colors fill me. Visualize myself being happy and content. Then open my eyes, smiling, thanking the Lord for everything.

Yoga or posturing as taught by The Right Brain Institute. Five minutes is enough for a quick fix. Afterwards I'll feel energy tingling on my palms, surging me to move forward.

Sing! Sing my favorite songs with all my heart. Doesn't matter if you're alone or in a crowd. Well, who cares what they think of me, anyway?

Pick one of my favorite books and read it.

Dress up in my favorite clothes!

Take a bath! A long, glorious, bath with essential oils. For a quick fix: Put some hot water on a pail, add some cold water so it'll be lukewarm. Drop a few drops of lavender or sandalwood essential oils (if I want to be royal to myself, I'll add both). Inhale the comforting smell, then bathe with the water. If I happen to be in the vicinity of a bath tub and hot water tap, I'll just add a few drops of the oil to the water, then soak myself in it for a while.

I'm sure there are many more. I'll add them when I remember.

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