Sunday, February 29, 2004

Significance of Fridays to Me

I used to adore Fridays. Not because it signified the coming of weekend, no. In the old days, weekends meant longer hours of rest. Oh sure, during my teenage years I dated a few men (I use this term so offhandedly. I wouldn't really call them real dates, though.) during weekends, watching movies, going to the teenage parties, eating at the one and only fancy restaurant in town. Stuff like that. I thought, the term TGIF was created to denote the freedom of Fridays. For during my years in elementary school, junior high and senior high school, on Fridays the students could show their individuality by wearing any kinds of clothes that they liked. (Sure, there were limits, but they were reasonable enough for me.) I loved shedding the dreary uniforms, exchanging them with my favorite blouses and skirts (even gowns, if I felt like it).

When I was in university, I began to understand the real meaning of TGIF. I used to savor every Fridays gleefully, for I had no classes on Saturdays. Weekends meant time to rest. Or to roam around Bandung, if I wanted to.

Now that I am married, Fridays meant another thing--the sweet, inviting promise of lazy weekend with my Quisalas.

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