Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Concerning Dates

What is a date? Up to now I can't really give a solid definition. Can they be called dates, when you hang out or go out with buddies and families? Do they have to involve love and romance? My own definition of a date is quite simple, actually. It's when you decide to go out with someone else--be it your own parents, relatives, buddies, and of course, your most beloved partner. Of course, when romance and love take place, it is a real date, then.

My definition of what a date is hasn't changed, but my opinion about what a great date is has. To illustrate this point, I'm going to write down two of my greatest dates ever.

When I was still in 2nd grade of Senior High School
I'll just call him Brad (not his real name, of course). I was still single then, and so was he. At that time I only thought of him as a dear friend. He was quite popular and good looking. He loved to tease me just to see me blush. His witty words and winsome smiles warmed my days. Unlike most guys back then, he was quite mature. We often talked a lot, discussing many things, from mundane activities to wearisome politics.

One day he asked me out, to watch a movie from a nearby cinema. I said yes, not finding another fun thing to do that particular weekend. He arrived quite early, so cute in his well-worn jeans, shirt, and jacket. He talked a bit with my parents, politely asking permission for taking me to the cinema. He opened the front door for me, then the door to his sedan, bowing slightly with a simple smile. He complimented me on my looks and the perfume I used. He made me promise not to change my perfume so that everytime he smelt the same fragrance, he'd instantly think of me. He offered me his arm so I wouldn't stumble. When I felt chilly, he automatically took of his jacket and helped me to wear it. He held my hand throughout the evening, telling me wild jokes and amusing stories.

On the way to my house, he turned on the tape on his car. A song that I didn't know greeted us. At one point, Brad smiled and looked at me. It was when the lyric of the song said, "She's like a rainbow..."

"You know, Nna," he stared at me with such an adoration in his eyes that I was overwhelmed with uneasiness, "you're like a rainbow to me. Full of hues and happiness. You color my days, making my life worthwhile."

I was stunned, unable to say anything. It was one of the sweetest things that a man had ever said to me.

We arrived on my house shortly before nine. He chatted a bit with my parents, thanking them for their permission. Then, smiling, touching my arm briefly, he bade me goodbye, telling me that it was a wonderful night for him.

After I Graduated from Highschool
One day we went out to buy a gift for our friends. For lunch, he told me with a smug look on his face that he'd cook for me.

"I didn't know you can cook," I stated, somewhat dubiously.

"Well, you have to wait and see," he replied confidently.

The lunch turned out to be burnt burgers. We still had fun, though. I couldn't recall what the conversation was all about. I only remembered the intimacy, the connection we shared. The relaxing atmosphere, the laughters and stories we shared.

Years ago, I thought great dates occured only when something special was happening. When tender, romantic words were exchanged, when my date treated me like a princess, like a queen. The atmosphere would help, too. Indigo skies and full moon, fragrant roses and lavish gifts. Beautiful songs and lovely candles. What matters to me now is the sincerity from one's heart.

Now I know, any date, any occasion, can be great if you wish so.

It's all in your mind.

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