Sunday, March 14, 2004

Some People Just Ask for It!

Aye, good sirs and madams, that is my most solid excuse to rebuke some people in this planet. Some people are born with this capacity to annoy others without realizing it. They somehow manage to bring the worst in others.

This morning, as I was browsing the aisles in a leading supermarket, I had a conversation with this particular salesman. He was mediocre looking, yet I could perceive that he thought of himself as a charming, handsome guy.
Salesman: Would you like to buy this soy sauce? (holding a B brand soy sauce)
Me: No, thanks.
Salesman: Well, why not?
Me: Because I don't use that particular brand.
Salesman: But this is the best soy sauce in Indonesia! The most delicious there is! (smiling from ear to ear in an attempt to charm me)
Me: (annoyed) Listen here, I don't like it! Don't ask me to buy it.
Salesman: What is the brand of your soy sauce, anyway? You gotta try this brand first. Then you'll note the difference. Why, this brand is very famous in Indonesia!
Me: (extremely irritated) I tried it once! The taste is horrible. It sucks! So there!
Salesman: (taken aback) Ohkay, then.
What is wrong with people like this?! If he just stopped trying to smooth-talk me in buying that particular brand, I wouldn't throw those words to him.

Some people are like that, I guess.

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