Sunday, March 07, 2004

Best Female Guitarist in Town Has Left the Building

Primadonna Angela, who is also known as Fatalist Guitarist, announced that she'd stop playing Guitar Freaks1 for a while. Many fans felt heartbroken for they wouldn't be able to see her perform in her attractive, seductive style2 in near future.

"Such a loss," a fan called isman commented.

"Her last performance was horrible! It wasn't like her to play like that!" A fan called Aryans Humanism wailed. He was among the crowd in her so-called last concert.

"She's visibly pregnant now. Maybe that's why." A watcher that wished to remain anonymous stated.

Donna or Angela smiled a lot during her press conference yesterday. Clad in khaki pants and white blouse, she calmly faced the journalists while offering some candies as refreshments.
Journalist #1: Is it true that you'll leave your career as a Guitar Freaks player?
Donna: I'm afraid that it is true.
Journalist #2: Is it because of the baby you're carrying?
Donna: (touching her round belly, smiling) No.
Journalist #3: What is the reason, then?
Donna then made a lengthy explanation. She said that she had not had the chance to practice or even play for almost two years. In her golden days, she used to score S or A for every piece she played. Sometimes when she was not feeling well she got B. Still, she always managed to give a memorable performance. But on her last concert, she got total C. It made her realize that her time was up.

"I am getting older, my fingers are not as deft as they used to be. I'm sorry to disappoint my fans. Many female guitarists will take my place, I'm sure." With a smile and a well-practiced curtsey, our best female guitarist left with a flourish.

Primadonna Angela was extremely famous for playing Nan Queen, Jet World (duet with her partner), Adventure, Holiday, Dry Martini (duet with her brother, Satria), and Cosmic Cowgirl (duet with her twin, Andi Saptono)--one of the most intricate songs that she plays.


1: Guitar Freaks is an arcade game designed for people who fantasize about being professional guitarists, without having to undergo the tedious training needed. Which is why, common people might find the game easier to play than professional guitarists themselves.
2: Seductive in the sense that you'll find it hard to resist the temptation to laugh.

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