Sunday, July 25, 2004


I took it as a good sign: that some people do not associate certain colors with gender. Aza was wearing a blue shirt, striped blue pants, blue socks and blue baby sneakers (I'm not that fond of blue though, but that's another story!) when a couple of my mother's friends asked, "This is a babygirl, no?"

Oh well. Many people give Aza blue clothing apparels. Maybe because it's easier that way. Boy, then you're doomed with blue. Girl, you'll be bombarded with pink stuff. Only people with enough common sense will mix the blue or pink traditional colors with others--such as white, yellow, green or purple if you're lucky. We seem to know only a few of them, so Aza keeps getting blue stuff. Shirts. Babysuits. Caps. Pants. Babybag. Blankets. Some of them are undeniably cute, but still... got the blues just thinking about their blue shades.

Enough about blue.

Recently my partner and I found out that bright yellow does not suit Aza. Not at all.

"Aunt Ndari will find it hard to like you, then," he deduced.

By the way, do you still like yellow, Ndar?

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