Monday, July 26, 2004

Babies Are Powerful

At least mine is. He could turn two balanced, calm and composed adults into hysterical shreds. A reddish patch on his face and fussiness create massive guilt--that we're not good enough as parents. He is the caesar, the emperor, the dictator, even. When it's time for feed he will take no for an answer. He cries in a certain way and we'll rush into his side, worrying if anything is wrong.

Only heartless people that can completely ignore a baby's wailing.

My partner I tried to be like them, but... we found it extremely hard not to take any notice to our baby's cries. Even a single sound like "Eh!" from him causes us to at least check on him.

Just when we're about to explode, feeling overwhelmed and irritated (lack of sleep, personal hygiene, healthy food, etc.) he just needs to blink his eyes and purse his tiny mouth. Then we'll fall all over again.

It's so easy to love a baby. Especially if the baby is yours.

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