Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

For Samhain is considered as the new year by witches. I celebrated it by cooking special dishes today, cleaning the house, writing two flash fiction stories, choosing the winners for the flash fiction contest from GPU (hear, hear, but please wait, for isman and I are still composing the announcement), forcing isman to take pictures of me wearing skimpy black suit, pentagram necklace and antique bracelet--all made of silver (very witchy if you'd like to know, but nah, won't share the pics here).

Compared to the blue October last year when my parents and brothers were hospitalized (dengue fever), this month has been a joyful one. I managed to finish two manuscripts (granted, I finished writing one book with a friend). GPU decided to publish my 6th and 7th book. My darling Aza is healthy and smart. I got several nice gifts for my birthday. (not as many as I got years ago, but this time I love ALL of the gifts. My close friends and relatives know me well!).

In the name of the maiden, mother, and crone, I beckon love, luck, and happiness to continue coming my way.
May prosperity and abundant blessings never leave my side.
May Thy Light and Purity guide my way.
May I live in a blessed state, having nothing to hide.

Thank Thee, Lord, for all of those Blessings and Love!

So mote it be!

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