Friday, October 27, 2006

True, our Eid was pretty hectic. We still had fun, though. We smiled and laughed a lot.

Ohkay, I have to admit, Aza was crying before this picture was taken. He wanted to wear his Spiderman outfit. But it was still too big for him, so, Robin costume should suffice. :)


syafrina-siregar said...

Hmm....ditambah 'celotehanku'....gak kebayang dah gimana hecticnya....mohon maap ya Don....*sambil sungkem*


Fleurs said...

mbak donnaaa... met idul fitri yaaaa.. maafkan dakuuuu

etnahannie said...

pada mirip ya bertiga mba :)

-Hannie, lagi susah login-

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